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AIESEC in Singapore Presents

She-Leads: A day to celebrate Female Leadership

16th of March 2021

PRESS RELEASE: AIESEC in Singapore in Partnership with UBS are hosting an event to celebrate Female Leadership and share their personal struggles in the corporate world.

On the 16th of March, 2021, AIESEC in Singapore will host She-Leads on a Virtual Event Platform.

Women represent half of the world’s population, contributing to half of its potential. Gender inequalities that persist today limit opportunities for women to reach their potential. Inequalities such as disadvantages in education translate into a lack of access to skills and limited opportunities in the labour market and unequal pay between genders creates a barrier for women to reach their full potential. Through She-Leads, AIESEC in Singapore provides a space where they can share their stories and empower one another.

She-Leads is a 2-hour long event where women can share their experiences and talk about the challenges that they face in the corporate world. She-Leads aims to highlight the essence of female leadership through a line-up of keynotes, panel discussions and networking spaces.

Register at here and check out the booklet at here. In case you would like to partner with AIESEC in Singapore for She-Leads, reach out to

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