• Apply with a purpose. Always start with figuring out your WHY, think about what you want to get out of the job or internship.
  • Learn to be your own career manager. Do not rely on any external parties to plan your path. Set your own goals, keep track of your progress, and make sure to follow up on the application.
  • Be adaptable. Do not be afraid to take a job that is outside of your comfort zone. On the other hand, when it comes to paying and location. Be open for non-paid internships, take it as a chance to get on-the-job experience.
  • Be resilient. Always remind yourself to be able to bounce back from failure, think about how to enhance yourself.

Linkedin profile and resume building

  • Sabrina highlighted that inclusion of keywords and consistent formatting are the keys to enhance our resume.
  • To start with the basics, we have to make sure that our resume can pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) before the hiring manager reviews it. It is essential for us to include keywords from the job description and incorporate them into the skills and experience that we have.
  • After your resume passes the ATS, the hiring manager usually spends only 6 seconds skimming through our resume. Therefore, consistency in the format is very important. Just make your resume simple and tidy by using professional fonts like Arial and separating the sections clearly.
  • Additional tips to impress the hiring manager would be putting up quantifiable achievements of your experience. For example, how many times have you got promoted or how many people did you lead in the team.
  • Make use of the featured function, to make your personal branding visual to the network. You can try to showcase your blog entry, portfolio, website and etc.
  • Do not neglect the volunteer experience. This is the part that can showcase your leadership and societal awareness.
  • Be active on the network. Follow professionals who are an icon of the industry. Share articles that you are interested in.

Tips for interview

  • It is important for us to showcase how we can add value to the company during the self-introduction. Focus on transferable skills (qualities that you learn from school that can be transferred to the workplace, e.g. problem solving), attitude, and potential that you can bring to the company. Hiring managers care a lot about candidates’ potential, not only on what they can bring to the company but also on how an individual can grow within the role.
  • Do the same preparation for physical and virtual interviews. Maintain your energy level by thinking about what excites you about the role and how passionate you are about joining the company.




Developing leadership in youths through cross-cultural exchange and undertake projects to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals.

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AIESEC in Singapore

AIESEC in Singapore

Developing leadership in youths through cross-cultural exchange and undertake projects to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals.

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