• Due to the global healthcare crisis, businesses everywhere have all been affected negatively. Both companies and students need to understand their own relevance and position in this economy. With the shifting consumer needs, businesses had to adapt their strategies accordingly. For instance, Kaijie shared that Carousell had been exploring more avenues such as door-to-door contactless delivery for customers to continue using Carousell services; while Clinton shared that Revolut recently rolled out ‘Medical Energizer’ to support healthcare workers. As an individual, it is suggested that we evaluate our own background and resources to see what we can do for the community.
  • When we asked about the impact of COVID-19 on the companies, both Clinton and Kaijie agreed that company culture is important. The virus may have caused sudden changes to business strategies, but the company’s culture does not change overnight. It is important for companies to build a culture of trust and growth to tide through difficult periods.
  • The declining economy caused many companies to rescind internships and job offers. While there was much advice to reskill and network, our guests encouraged us to think further than working on your resume and portfolio since it could be tough given the current job climate. Employers hope to hear what students have been doing during the circuit breaker to develop themselves and help others in the community.
  • The first step is to equip yourself with the basic skills and knowledge that are required in the industry. For instance, simple programming language — HTML and Python as well as detail-orientedness and problem-solving skills. More importantly, students should be clear on the power of technology in improving our everyday life.
  • Given that Big Data is trending in the 21st century, Yoann suggested youths think deeply about the meaning behind data, namely on how data reveals the correlation of certain phenomena in society. For example, Dathappy has worked on projects to analyze the link between volunteering and leadership as well as to evaluate the impact and success of a government initiative
  • Aaron also pointed out that working in the cybersecurity industry, it is very important to know your own position and contribution to society. He mentioned that Cyber Hygiene and User Awareness have become ever more essential in ensuring the Cybersecurity of Organisations and Individuals in this new normal of remote working and learning under COVID.



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AIESEC in Singapore

AIESEC in Singapore

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