Hard Skills and Why They Are Important!

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3 min readMay 11, 2022


In our day and age in the working world, hard skills are an unavoidable part of recruitment requirements. Hard skills are defined as skills that are easy to quantify, specific, technical and industry-related. These are skills that are very much desired in every industry, especially the more competitive ones.

With AIESEC’s Heading for the Future (H4TF) initiative, don’t miss out on this chance to improve hard skills of your own. Here are a few important hard skills you can look forward to learning during your time with us.

  1. Digital Marketing and Branding

According to LinkedIn, digital marketing skills is one of the most desired skills out there. Every company that wishes to promote themselves or a product that they wish to sell need a marketing team. With most of our content being available to us on a screen, digital marketing skills have been more important than ever, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. In a world where everything has gone digital, if you’re looking for a skill to pick up that makes you marketable (pun intended), digital marketing is for you!

  1. Blockchain

Many still don’t understand the importance of blockchain skills in today’s society. For those in the unknown, blockchain is a digital database that stores encrypted data and stores them in a chain, something similar to a Google Docs that is transferred around. On the blockchain, digital assets are distributed rather than copied and transferred.

Aside from the popularity of Cryptocurrency and NFTs, blockchain is used in any industry that requires transactions since it is a very secure form of accounting. It helps in the verification and traceability of transactions that are carried out in and outside the company. A growing industry, skills in the blockchain sector are very useful if you want to remain relevant in the future.

  1. Sales

Skills in the sales department is important for any company that wants to work with external stakeholders to finance themselves. An age old skill, sales is a skill that has been highly sought for in most industries and you cannot go wrong with it. Not to mention that learning sales skills also teaches you soft skills such as communication and confidence.

All of these skills and more are what you can learn through AIESEC’s H4TF. Interested in finding out the hard skills that suit you? Indicate interest now!

Written by Souparno Khan



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