How is H4TF different?

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3 min readMay 10, 2022


Have you scrolled through hundreds, if not thousands of self-enrichment programmes, yet undecided on which one best suits your needs? At AIESEC, we have created this initiative in mind of this pertinent issue!

Heading for the Future (H4TF) aims to assist youths like yourselves to become one that can craft and modify their career path according to their needs and desires, regardless of the industry that you may be interested in! Here are 3 reasons why H4TF is different from the others:

1) Simulated Platform

One huge concern with experiential learning is the creation of proposals that companies would actually use to their needs. This has inadvertently subjected many to unnecessary pressure, since their work will determine the company’s future. Should the work not be up to standard, it would make those new to the industry feel as though they are the main cause for the company’s downfall.

At H4TF, we provide an opportunity for you to learn and apply your knowledge via an applied case study! Essentially, you can freely explore the areas of your study without being concerned with the ‘what-ifs’!

2) Learn both hard and soft skills

Are you looking for a chance to practice both technical and ‘people skills’? H4TF is just the perfect place for you to take that chance! Gain an opportunity to acquire the knowledge desired in the industry, and learn from like-minded, insightful colleagues that will definitely give you a deeper understanding of the career that you are potentially interested in!

3) Local and Global networking opportunities

AIESEC is a global organisation with our programmes open to youths all over the world! In other words, through H4TF, you will be working with people from diverse backgrounds! Make use of this golden opportunity to boost your connections with people who are currently working in your industry of interest. By communicating with them, you are very likely to see a larger and clearer picture of your future career pathway!

H4TF: The Dream Learning Platform

H4TF focuses mainly on elevating the benefits of an upskilling programme, catering specifically to address major concerns from those seeking to learn more. From being able to participate in a hypothetical case study that uses real-world data, to being able to connect at a global level, this is truly an opportunity not to be missed!

Furthermore, you will also stand a chance to have an employment opportunity with one of our partners should they feel that you have what it takes to be in your industry of choice! Stop dreaming, start winning! Sign up here 🙂



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