AIESEC in Singapore
2 min readJul 13, 2021


1. Apply to at least 5 projects

We have 1 million young people around the world on Opportunity Portal right now — that’s a lot!

To increase the chances of you and your dream project finding each other, apply to a whole range of projects that appeal to you. We recommend at least 5–10 (especially if you are tight on time!) there are heaps of awesome ones there!

2. Try out our Featured Projects…such as Uncover Asia!

Some projects have limited spots for exchange participants from the same country (to keep the diversity of the participants on the project) however our featured projects have more opportunities while maintaining the participant diversity. Check them out!

3. Act Fast!

When you are accepted for a project, you have 10 days to confirm your position. Since the overseas organization needs to ensure they have enough people for the project, after the 10 days they are allowed to offer the position to someone else. So get in quick!

4. Ask for help from your local AIESEC representatives

As always, you can always ask for help from your local AIESEC representatives! Shoot an email back, find a time to meet us on campus, or over the phone — whatever you’re comfortable with. We’re here to make your exchange experience extraordinary!

Good luck!



AIESEC in Singapore

Developing leadership in youths through cross-cultural exchange and undertake projects to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals.