Top 3 Soft Skills You NEED For Your Next Career

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4 min readMay 12, 2022

Are you heading for the future (H4TF) (pun intended), but aren’t sure how to prepare for it? At AIESEC, we have organised and handpicked 3 soft skills that you can learn, with practical tips on how you can work on them!

Nowadays, companies are shifting away from solely sourcing for the best talents towards looking for people who possess soft skills that are needed in their business. This topic is gaining much more attention as compared to the past, because problems nowadays require not just people with hard skills, but also soft skills to solve!

At H4TF, we are also looking towards developing people who identify themselves with soft skills that they deem important to themselves and to the community that they will work with. Here are some skills that we look out for:

  1. Time Management

Where the future is so uncertain that you cannot even predict your workload tomorrow, time management becomes key towards solving both the tasks at hand and giving yourself enough space to breathe among all the work that comes your way!

Time management is not just the art of planning out your schedule, it includes the setting of goals and managing your stress levels. Learn to allocate sufficient time for all your daily activities, and the future will become easier to work around with!

  1. Communication

Communication is the ability to share information and ideas with others seamlessly and effectively. With effective communication, you can clearly articulate your thoughts, ensuring that the colleagues around you understand your viewpoint. However, one common misconception is that improving one’s communication skills begin with practising speeches and crafting pitches for companies. That is so untrue!

In fact, it begins by actively listening to those around you! Only when you listen to others will you actually hear the nuances in their speech and tone usage. These subtle fluctuations in presentation style will definitely add more weight to your words and make you a better communicator!

  1. Leadership

Going towards the future, we will need more leaders who are willing to embrace change and uncertainty; people who are willing to lead the pack towards greater successes! True leaders tend to be self-driven, because they are always exploring new opportunities to expand their own horizons, as well as being authentic, because they see a strong need to connect with the people they work with.

Begin its development by learning to be a good follower of the team(s) that you are in! By knowing how a follower truly feels, you will also know how to act in the interests of your community when you become a leader.

Our Opportunity For You: H4TF

At H4TF, we gain immense satisfaction from seeing youths chart their career path and find joy not just in the outcome, but also the process of finding their dream career. The partners for this programme are all selected after thorough consideration, keeping in mind that we are doing this for those who want to gain more insight into their potential career path.

In this program, we offer you an opportunity to network with many people locally and internationally while working on a realistic case study. If you worry about messing up a company because of your work, fret not! This case study is simulated, and the details of your project will be made permanently accessible to you for your reference and learning purposes! You will also stand a chance to secure an employment spot with one of our partners that identify with the goals and passions you live out.

Let me end off with a famous quote, “In your hesitation, I found my answer.” Why hesitate? Sign up today!

Written by Goh Hai Liang



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