Ranked first by the Global Food Security Index for food security, it is hard to imagine that 1 in 10 Singaporeans struggle to eat enough to be full. While causes may vary, the loss of job opportunities and income during the onslaught of the pandemic has only brought many closer to the brink of food insecurity.

This begs the question: how can we help feed our city?

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Like our hungry, Singapore’s poor is similarly hidden from the general public. It is easy to mistake that poverty and food insecurity doesn’t exist in affluent Singapore. With the bottom 20% of households…

Living in a world full of chaos and instabilities, different groups in society often claim that teens are the future of the world. For sure, as the next generation, we have the responsibilities and obligations to make the world tomorrow a better place. But how can youths contribute to the world? What kind of qualities or characteristics do youths need for being a change agent of the world? Whether the action is done through virtual or physical channels, there are many ways that young people can ‘be the change’ and make a difference in the world.


Change always starts with…

  1. You Learn That the World is More Diverse Than You Thought

While being abroad, you are in the position of meeting people from all over the world, and as you get to know them you will learn that there are a lot of different cultures and traditions, and there are many ways to see the world and get things done. You must be respectful of traditions and adjust to the local culture. At first, it may be hard and shocking, but as you do, you become a global citizen.

2. You Become More Solution-Oriented

Suppose you are now in an…

AIESEC in Singapore Presents

Youth United: Develop a Global Mindset and become a World Citizen

19th of March 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Through this event, AIESEC in Singapore fosters cross-cultural understanding and drives conversations about the increasing use of Social Media Activism.

On the 19th of March, 2021, AIESEC in Singapore will host Youth United on a Virtual Event Platform.

At AIESEC, we believe that cross-cultural understanding is the key to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. We place our confidence in youth because they have the passion, dynamism, and entrepreneurial spirit that are needed to shape the future. …

AIESEC in Singapore Presents

SDG Titans: Ignite the Change for Sustainable Development Goals!

27th & 28th of March 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Through this event, AIESEC in Singapore will raise awareness for Sustainable Development Goals by providing the youth of Singapore a platform to provide sustainable solutions to practical business problems.

On the 27th & 28th of March, 2021, AIESEC in Singapore will host the SDG Titans summit on a Virtual Event Platform.

SDGs are simply ways to think about how we can create a more inclusive, equitable, prosperous, and sustainable future. We are looking at 5 Ps: People, Planet, Partnerships…

AIESEC in Singapore Presents

She-Leads: A day to celebrate Female Leadership

16th of March 2021

PRESS RELEASE: AIESEC in Singapore in Partnership with UBS are hosting an event to celebrate Female Leadership and share their personal struggles in the corporate world.

On the 16th of March, 2021, AIESEC in Singapore will host She-Leads on a Virtual Event Platform.

Women represent half of the world’s population, contributing to half of its potential. Gender inequalities that persist today limit opportunities for women to reach their potential. Inequalities such as disadvantages in education translate into a lack of access to skills and limited…

Remote Work
Remote Work

2020 has truly been a year unlike any other; we’ve witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic infecting over 55 million people worldwide and causing about 1.33 million deaths within a span of a few months. Resulting in the implementation of travel restrictions and strict social distancing rules, which have significantly disrupted our way of life.

Therefore, many people may wonder what the future of work lies during these uncertain times. So, here are some of the trends we’ve identified that will affect the job market as well as the way we will work in the future.

Remote Working Is Here To Stay

Man working in a office
Man working in a office

One of the most important lessons that many leading companies have learned is that encouraging and fostering a work environment that is fun and that inspires employees to take joy in their work can reap enormous benefits. Happy employees are loyal employees, and loyal employees can do amazing things.

We have identified and laid out the importance of the following workplace elements, in order to create a strong culture.


People who relate to one another, who get where the other is coming from and understand pain points for different teams, are better equipped to step up and offer support…

AIESEC in Singapore

Developing leadership in youths through cross-cultural exchange and undertake projects to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals.

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